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By joining a professional organization, preferred CTDA tire dealers demonstrate a commitment to being informed and educated, staying current on laws, regulations and safety standards, and remaining up to date on tire industry best practices.

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All dealers listed on this are members of the California Tire Dealers Association (CTDA).

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Most CTDA members are independent, family-owned businesses, often in operation through multiple family generations.

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CTDA advocates against state policies and regulations that result in increased tire costs to consumers.

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What does it mean to get my tires rotated?

Tire rotation is an important maintenance task that will help extend the life of your tires. Generally, you should get your tires rotated every six thousand miles. Many shops will rotate your tires as part of an oil change appointment. Tire rotation moves your tires from front to back and left to right. This ensures that each tire wears at a consistent rate and dangerous situations where one or two tires are over-worn are avoided.
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The Best Audi A3 Tires

Your Audi A3 is designed to deliver excitement behind the wheel. At the same time, it provides a smooth comfortable ride while maneuvering through town and beyond. As you travel across every mile, wear will impact the tires, and they will eventually need to be replaced. As you select the right brand and style for your Audi A3, consider a few important points.
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The Unsung Heroes: Tires, the Vital Component of a Car

When we think about the various components that make up an automobile, the tires often don’t receive the recognition they deserve. Yet, these round rubber companions play a crucial role in ensuring the safety, performance, and overall driving experience of a vehicle. In fact, tires are undoubtedly one of the most important components of a car. Let’s delve into the reasons why.